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Price:  $849,900 (NEW LISTING 3/7/2023)

Location:  Burke County (Morganton)

Detailed Property Information

118 acres
Road Frontage
Public, paved
Wooded, flat pastures, gently laying and hilly
Surface Water
Crawford Creek and tributaries
Electricity, Telephone
Electrical service
Well Water
Sewer System
Open Field/Pasture
Yes, several acres in multiple fields
Nearest Interstate Highway
12+ miles (I-40)
Nearest Four Lane Road
8+ miles (US 64E)
Nearest High Density Area
9 miles to Morganton

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Located in Burke County in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this property is convenient to the charming town of Morganton, yet far enough from the crowds to offer total privacy.  This 118 acre property makes an absolutely ideal bugout and prepper compound.  It has every single thing one could want in a bugout property.

First it is off a secondary paved road in the county, meaning it has public road access and does NOT require crossing over someone else’s land via an easement or right-of-way.  Second, it is gated and the great parts of the property are well inside the boundary and not exposed to the road at all.  There is a network of interior soil and gravel roads that make getting around a breeze.  Even a two wheel drive vehicle can get around most of the property without difficulty.  That is highly unusual meaning the topography is ideal.  There are numerous potential building sites having flat to nearly flat topography, all of which are private and several of which overlook one of the many creeks.

Within the property you’ll find White Mill Creek which is a large year round stream ranging from 20’ to 30’ across.  It runs for more than 3,000’ through the property and in several places, you would own both sides of the creek.  Scattered throughout the interior there are numerous fields that have a history of grazing and row crops.  These fields are totally hidden from the property boundaries, thus making them totally private.  There are approximately five or more acres of these fields, all of which lay wonderfully and have rich soils.

In addition to White Mill Creek, there are several smaller creek tributaries.  Therefore, this property is blessed with an abundance of water.  Want a pond?  Its easy enough to excavate a small pond in one of the fields and divert water from one of the creeks into the new pond, then discharge back into the creek.

Like to hunt?  This property is covered up with wildlife including deer, bear, fox, turkey, etc.  Want to shoot?  There are places where one could set up a range of several hundred yards or more with no worry about overshooting into a neighbor’s property.

There are no private restrictions on the property, therefore, you are largely allowed to do what you want.  It is zoned R-3 by the county, but that is the most lax zoning, and Burke County is a very friendly county in regard to individual property rights.

So…… you have a great location, privacy, topography, water, woods, wildlife, sun drenched fields, etc….., this is an outstanding property.  Call us today for a private showing.