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Price:  $598,900 (BACK ON MARKET 2/6/23)

Location:  Mitchell County (Bakersville)

Detailed Property Information

72+/- acres
Road Frontage
Paved, publicly maintained and private maintained interior
Wooded, mountainous with access to fields
Surface Water
Big Rock Creek access
Electricity, Telephone
Power adjacent
Well Water
Spring on property
Sewer System
Access to two large ponds
Open Field/Pasture
Access to several acres of fields
Nearest Interstate Highway
19+ miles (I-26)
Nearest Four Lane Road
19+ miles (I-26)
Nearest High Density Area
5 miles to Bakersville

Photo Gallery

Here is a property that offers both 72 acres with river access and views.   Not often that we find a property of this type, and this one is more “unique” than most.  Several years ago, the parent parcel of these 72 acres was platted out and improved into a second home subdivision (The Ridges at Rock Creek) in northern Mitchell County (Spruce Pine & Bakersville) about 55 minutes north of Asheville.  A large amount of infrastructure was built, then 2008 hit and the property like so many others stalled.

Fortunately, this property has been continually maintained and today it is comprised of basically three components.  The first of course is the acreage being offered for sale.  This is comprised of 72 acres of wooded mountainside with excellent views and more than a mile of interior road infrastructure.   Each foot of road has a base of stone gravel and storm water control measures in place.  The cut banks are all filled with vegetation and together with the well built roads and erosion control, they have held up remarkably well.  Any light duty all-wheel-drive vehicle can readily make it around the property to the highest points.  Within the acreage are numerous gently laying knolls and finger ridges on which one could build a homestead.  This infrastructure alone represents an investment of several hundred thousand dollars which is all to your benefit.  So often when showing land tracts, one must then build an extensive drive to the desired home site, but that’s not the case here. Did we mention the outstanding views from the upper elevations?  Click here for a complete video of the property.

The second component of this offering is that because this acreage was part of an originally planned community, there are “common areas” available to the new owner.  NOTE: these common area elements are NOT part of the 72 acres, but the 72 acres come with deeded legal access to them.  These consist of approximately thirty some acres down along the Big Rock Creek.   Big Rock Creek is a major area trout stream featuring deep pools, overhangs, riffles and rapids.  Its both a scene to behold as well as enjoy for fly fishing or swimming with the kids and grandkids.  Though the 72 acres don’t front on the river, ownership of the 72 gives one full legal access to the 1,200 feet of river frontage.  Access into the property off the paved public road is a gated covered bridge that provides both a sense of arrival and a sense of security.  That is, no one is easily getting into this property without some serious effort.

In addition to the river, there are several acres of wide open and gently laying fields that are ideal for recreation.  Within this acreage are two very sizable spring fed ponds.  These could be stocked with trout and become a food source as well as a recreational amenity.  Positioned out over the upper pond is a large timber-framed pavilion overlooking the water.  Imagine yourself in a canoe out on the lake or hosting a party at this spot.  Just above the head of the pond is a very large reclaimed barn that could be used for a myriad of purposes.

The third component is the association.  Yes, home owners associations are generally not part of our real estate offerings, but in rare cases such as this, it can be okay.  Why?  Before the market crashed in 2008, there had only been a few sales of parcels within the master plan.  Therefore, today there are only two dwellings within the original acreage.  Furthermore, the covenants that apply to these homes and the 72 acres provide for the shared maintenance of the above common areas, and more importantly the entry road throughout the common area.  That is, you as an owner of the higher elevated 72 acres have the benefit of all these amenities, and you’d only share them with a few neighbors all of whom are down below and out of sight from the 72 acres.  So who cares if you have neighbors?  At least in this case, you know who they are and they have all built substantial homes.  Beats the alternative.

Additionally, the covenants are not that restrictive.  Example, there is no restriction on view cuts and the acreage can be subdivided at will.  There is no restriction on target shooting and the use of ATV’s and UTV’s.  Backyard chickens are allowed, but not large livestock.  The restrictions are primarily based around a minimum square footage for all houses, no mobile homes, no untagged junk vehicles and no commercial enterprises.  Other than those, if you simply build a decent looking home and keep it up, you’re pretty free to do what you want.  Again, with 72 acres sitting up above and out of sight, who’s going to even care?  Annual dues are based on $52.07 per acre per year plus a flat $850 fee.

Therefore, though these 72 acres come with some covenants, they also come with an abundance of benefits that outweigh any negatives.  To have free access to a river as great as Big Rock Creek, an interior road network, ponds and fields, just minutes to the small town of Bakersville is something practically unheard of in land sales.  So we encourage you to take a hard look at this property.  Its a gem that has been hidden for years and is now finally ready to be discovered!