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Price:  $499,900

Location:  Mitchell County (Bakersville)

Detailed Property Information

87.27+/- acres
Road Frontage
Paved, state maintained
Wooded, mountainous
Surface Water
Electricity, Telephone
Power on property
Well Water
Sewer System
Open Field/Pasture
Nearest Interstate Highway
19+ miles (I-26)
Nearest Four Lane Road
16+ miles (US 19E)
Nearest High Density Area
12 miles to Spruce Pine

Photo Gallery

This is a rather unique property featuring nearly 87 acres in Mitchell County (Bakersville) having a cave/mine shaft.  Yes, we said a cave/mine shaft.  This area of Mitchell County is know for it high quality quartz and gemstones including rubies and emeralds.  In fact, within the county is what is considered by most industry experts as the purist deposit of quartz in the world and it is of such high quality that just about every electronic device known (cell phones, cameras, televisions, radios, etc.) has silica made from this quartz.  But beyond the industrial use of the quartz are well known deposits of precious and semi-precious gemstones.  There are several recreational mines in the area where one can purchase a bucket of material and wash it in a sluice in the hopes of finding a substantial gemstone.  There is even a commercial emerald mining operation further south in the county.

With all that said, it should be no surprise to discover a mine shaft or cave in these mountains.  I remember the first time I saw this cave opening.  After hiking along the mountainside, staying on contour, I came around a rock formation and noticed a change in the ground surface.  It appeared to me to be ground up mine tailings, left overs from when a mine is bored.  Sure enough, there in front of me was a dark opening straight into the rock face about six feet or more in height and four to five feet wide.  I wasn’t prepared (silly me), so I only had the light on my cell phone and myself and the property owner made our way in after tossing a couple of rocks inside to ensure nothing was waiting to surprise us.

The mine shaft was/is carved out of sold rock and extends approximately 100′ laterally into the mountain.  Its flat and easy to navigate with a larger circular “room” of about ten to twelve feet diameter toward the rear.  It was dry and felt solid and secure.  No evidence of mining tools or animals, but simply bare rock and tall enough to stand up straight.  Who knows what the miners were after, and why would they choose this particular spot?  Whatever their purposes, this feature is unique and provides a great story along with possibilities for secure storage of materials.  I wouldn’t want to inhabit it for more than a brief visit, but it conjures up images of Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher.

Aside from this feature, the 87 acres sit at the end of a paved state road about five minutes from the small mountain town of Bakersville.  It then rises up to a gentle ridge including Ivy Knob which features a broad gentle knoll offering 360 degree views.  There is a an established roadbed that leads to the higher elevations making most of the property accessible.  An old house near the lower section is “as is” and could possibly be brought back to life, but one nice thing about this house is that there is electrical service on the property.

As you continue into the property, you’ll cross several spring fed creeks.  This property is blessed with an abundance of good surface water that flows year round.  There are several good building sites within the acreage and the higher one goes, the bigger the view.  The owner recently cut in some new drivable roads to allow easy access to the most choice building site which is a broad, extended knoll that is basically flat offering a sweeping 180 degree view of the mountains in the distance.

There are no restrictions on this property therefore you can hike, hunt, ride ATV’s and build basically what you want.  The terrain is mostly hilly to steep mountainside, although there are a couple of nice finger ridges and Ivy Knob up top that provide outstanding building topography.  So if looking for a private sanctuary for recreational purposes or secure living, call today for a private tour.  NOTE: there are also another eleven acres adjacent that are available for sale at $149,900 featuring a gently laying field and excellent building sites.