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Price:  $269,900 NEW LISTING (11/10/23)

Location:  Mitchell County (Bakersville)

Detailed Property Information

2.683 Acres
Road Frontage
Paved, state maintained
Gentle & cleared
Surface Water
Little Rock Creek
Electricity, Telephone
Power available via signed easement
Well Water
Spring on property
Sewer System
3 Bedroom Septic installed
Open Field/Pasture
Open area around house site
Nearest Interstate Highway
18+ miles (I-26)
Nearest Four Lane Road
14+ miles (US 19E))
Nearest High Density Area
14+ miles (Spruce Pine)

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Good quality acreage with equally good riverfrontage is hard to find.  One would imagine that with all the creeks and rivers throughout these mountains, it would be easy to locate properties with riverfrontage, but that is not the case.  One of the biggest challenges for properties with riverfrontage is that the area along the rivers or creeks tend to be very steep and rocky, thus inaccessible.  After all, what good is it to own 1,000′ of riverfrontage, but not be able to access it?  Another issue with most creeks and streams is that many, many years ago waterways were often use as property boundaries, therefore, although you might find a property with a creek, that creek is often over to one side.  Even more so, creeks and streams are very often found alongside the roads and thus lose their privacy or dimish the enjoyment of the creek itself.  But with this recent listing, those problems are solved!

We recently listed a beautiful property in Mitchell County that is blessed with 300+/- feet of excellent frontage on Little Rock Creek.  This property is only ten minutes north of the county seat of Bakersville and is easily accessible year round on paved, state maintained roads.  That is, no sharing of driveways or having to navigate over someone else’s property via an easement to get to yours.  This property has paved frontage and what’s even more, the road on which it is situated (Pumpkin Patch Road) is a dead end road that terminates just a few hundred feet beyond the property.  Therefore, this property is not subject to through traffic.

The river frontage on Little Rock Creek is all easily accessible.  In fact you can drive any kind of passenger vehicle to within 20′ or so of the river’s edge and just walk right in anywhere along the 300′.  Once you’re at the water’s edge, you’ll see that Little Rock Creek ranges from 40′ to 60′ wide in places.  It is characterized by numerous areas of small riffles, pools and eddies.  It can be easily waded and even at high water it doesn’t climb out of its banks.  Per the flood plain maps, only a thin sliver along the edge of the river bank is in flood plain.  This is a well known trout habitat with the water coming off the area below Roan Mountain, thus it is of very good quality and clarity.  Its simply a lovely setting.  But this property gets even better.

Within the 2.68 acres of the land, the owners built a very easily drivable gravel drive from the pavement down into the heart of the property.  Therefore, you can drive right onto it with ease.  This takes out the guess work and concerns over cost and logistics of building a driveway on raw acreage.  In addition, the owners cleared out a graded area for a house site, complete with gravel surface area looking down toward the river.  A three bedroom septic system has already been installed below the house pad.  Again, this takes away the concerns and uncertainties of dealing with septic systems.  But what about drinking water?  There is a gushing spring on this property which you can tap into.  Electrical service is across the road and accessible via a signed utility easement with French Broad Electric Membership Cooperative.  Finally, there are no private restrictions.  This property has it all!

It could become someone’s private estate, a fishing compound or even dotted with tiny homes or glamping platforms.  With the septic system installed and the property cleared and graded, it might be feasible to create numerous campsites and have them utilize a shared bathhouse capitalizing on the existing septic system.  It could become a “tiny village” of sorts.

So if you or someone you know is looking for the ideal fisherman’s paradise or a place on which to set up RV’s or tiny homes, look no further than this amazing gem of a property.  We’ve searched the MLS for similar properties and there just aren’t any that pop up that are close to having all this one offers.  Call today for more information.