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Price:  $299,900

Location:  Haywood County (Waynesville)

Detailed Property Information

50+ acres
Road Frontage
Approximately 200' on private paved road
Gently laying to steep, mostly open pasture
Surface Water
Two large streams on the property
Electricity, Telephone
At the property
Well Water
Sewer System
Open Field/Pasture
Substantial pasture, fenced with barn
Nearest Interstate Highway
17+ miles (I-40)
Nearest Four Lane Road
17+ miles (I-40)
Nearest High Density Area
17 miles (Canton)

Photo Gallery

The Hidden Valley Ranch has nothing to do with the popular line of salad dressings.  But it has everything to do with making a great bugout or survival property location.  Located well off the beaten path in a rural part of Haywood County (Waynesville), it provides a great deal of security for those in need.  Its approximately 19 minutes to the nearest grocery store and interstate, yet the drive to the property is relatively easy.  Drive time to Asheville is about 35 to 40 minutes.  Its a short drive to our good friends at Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville where you can get all your survival property gear.

The property itself consists of just over 50 acres, the majority of which is open pasture land.  The 50 acres lay near the top of a mountain and comprise a large “draw” or bowl in the mountain.  Its inspiring to approach the property through a beautiful valley, then a short drive up the mountain until you enter the property itself which presents a beautiful pastoral valley.  There are several excellent building sites on the lower sections of the property and outstanding southerly views along the top.  About 15 acres are in woodlands.  There are two streams on the property, one that is fairly sizable and certainly adequate for irrigation or livestock.  But the second one which borders one side of the property is a roaring mountain stream with sufficient flow and vertical drop to provide energy for power generation through a micro-hydroelectric system.

The open fields provide plenty of room for crops and livestock.  A large barn is already in place and offers room for the storage of equipment.  Access to the property is via a paved road and both electricity and telephone lines are to the property boundary.  The topography of some of the property is rather steep and best for livestock or orchards, yet there is a farm road that traverses the property, thus making all points accessible via an all wheel drive vehicle.  I know.  I’ve driven it.

So if you want a pastoral setting with great privacy and plenty of live surface water, look no further than Hidden Valley Ranch.  Grow your own veggies and make your own salad dressing while bugging out in the mountains of western North Carolina