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Price:  $99,900 (CLOSED 2/6/21)

Location:  Madison County (North of Asheville)

Detailed Property Information

Heated Square Footage
1.386 s.f
Year Built
2005 (estimated)
# of Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
# of Baths
2 Full baths
Overall Condition
7.181 acres
Surface Water
Open Field/Pasture
Nearest Interstate Highway
19 miles (I-26)
Nearest Four Lane Road
9 miles (Highway 25/70)
Nearest High Density Area
12 miles (Marshall)

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This listing includes a private home adjoining USFS lands in Madison County approximately 27 minutes from downtown Marshall.  Its a 7.181 acre parcel already improved with a gravel driveway, electrical service, level building site, parking area and septic system.  It also includes a 1,386 square foot manufactured home (doublewide) that is in fair condition.

This property is part of a rural subdivision started in the 1990’s with a goal of sustainable living.  There were originally ten homesites in this remote location and four homes were built on the ten over the years.  There were covenants and restrictions placed on the land, however, they have never been enforced and there’s no home owners association to enforce them, although they stipulate a $250 per year contribution for shared road maintenance.  Covenants stipulate no pesticides or herbicides, no bright exterior lighting, no hunting, and one dog per dwelling and that dog must be a “quiet and friendly dog”.  The intent was to avoid running off the turkey and deer.  Again, as evidenced by the uses in recent years, these covenants have not been enforced, but they are part of the chain of title, so one must be comfortable with them.  The folks who recently purchased in this community found these covenants appealing, thus it could cause issues if one started to abuse them.  Just an FYI.

As for the seven acres, they are easily accessible via a year round gravel surfaced road.  No 4×4 required; you can make it in a standard passenger vehicle.  The home site has a very good gravel surfaced driveway to the house and there’s a secondary driveway on the property leading to what could be a secondary home site as well.  The topography on this secondary site is about as flat as you’ll find on a mountain.  Take out a few trees and you’d have a great view.

Additionally, this property adjoins a 116 acres USFS tract of land.  This tract extends all the way down to the French Broad River, thus one could step off the seven acres onto the USFS tract and be fishing, hiking or hunting based on season.  Another good thing is that this is an isolated USFS tract and is only accessible via the private road meaning only those who own property have access to this tract of land.  Effectively, this expands one’s usable enjoyable acreage by another 116 acres without having to own it.

The house itself is in fair condition.  It hasn’t been occupied for twelve years and thus has a good bit of deferred maintenance.  No representations are made as to condition, but it could certainly be made habitable again.  It has a fairly new roof and new carpeting was installed several years ago and is still under its plastic covering.  The house has power supplied by Duke Energy and there is a septic system for the plumbing.  This property will however require a well, as there isn’t one on the property.

This setting could be a great fixer upper with the possibility of a second home, all adjoining USFS land.  The grading, driveway, power and septic system alone are substantial benefits to this over a purely vacant land tract.  So call today to schedule a private showing.