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Price:  $424,900 (UNDER CONTRACT 3/1/22)

Location:  McDowell County (Marion/Asheville)

Detailed Property Information

Heated Square Footage
Approximately 576 s.f.
Year Built
Started in 2005, under construction
# of Bedrooms
# of Baths
Overall Condition
Good condition
34.32+/- acres
Surface Water
Cove Creek plus secondary creek branch
None, but possible to build
Open Field/Pasture
Approximately 7 acres of cleared pasture and farmland
Nearest Interstate Highway
8+ miles to I-40
Nearest Four Lane Road
8+ miles Highway I-40
Nearest High Density Area
8 miles (Marion)

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Situated off a paved county road, tucked up off that road across a large creek, you’ll have plenty of privacy.  At the same time, its an easy drive back to the town of Marion approximately ten minutes away, complete with everything one needs for day to day living (hospital, Walmart, Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, etc.).  This part of McDowell County is dotted with small and large farms with the single family home sprinkled within.  Its a lovely setting.

The property offers 34+ acres including 52′ of frontage on the public right-of-way.  This means that you are not dealing with a shared road or easement for access; its all yours.  From this frontage, you travel 150′ to Cove Creek where you’ll find a well built steel, concrete and wood bridge.  Cove Creek at this point is approximately 20′ to 30′ wide and makes for a great irrigation source, recreational source and protective/privacy measure.  That is, the creek provides a natural barrier to entry from anyone that shouldn’t be there.  Additionally, along the creek is a thick stand of trees and vegetation that provides privacy to the field beyond.  Click here for a full video.

Once you cross the bridge, you’ll see a large field of approximately seven acres.  This is ideal for livestock, row crops, hay, etc.  Its as flat as you’ll find.  A portion of it along the creek is in the flood plain, but not all, and that does not prevent one from using this acreage for building.  You simply need to have the finished floor elevation above the flood plain.  Another nice possibility is that of creating a farm pond within the seven acres.  On the far side of the field where the tree line begins its climb up the mountain is another year round creek.  By excavating an area in the field, water could be diverted from this creek into a new pond, and then discharged into Cove Creek.  Many farmers utilize this method for creating a reservoir on their farms.

Once you get to the tree line at the edge of the field, you’ll find the cottage and other improvements.  This is a small, two bedroom one bath cottage on which construction started around 2005.  The seller had planned on living here and started construction, but then had a job transfer taking him out of the area.  The house went untouched for a few years until his return.  Over the past year, the seller has been steadily working on the house.  Today, the interior features taped sheetrock, electrical, plumbing rough ins, kitchen cabinets installed, etc.  Things left to do center around painting the sheetrock, installing floor finishes, bathroom cabinets, plumbing fixtures and appliances.  The two bedroom septic system is already installed and of course there is power to the property.  The plan had been to tap into a spring on the hillside for water supply, but one could also drill a well.

Off to the side of the cottage is a nicely done equipment building and an aluminum topped carport on the other side.  The entire area around the cottage is gently laying and private due to the stand of trees along the edge of the field.  Elsewhere in the woods you’ll find a large concrete block basement foundation that was built many years ago.  It now has vegetation grown up around and through it, however, it provides a starting point for another dwelling.  This is a rather large foundation that is very privately situated in the woods.  Other locations within the property provide potential building sites as well.

Behind the cabin, the land gently rises into the woods a short distance before starting a steeper climb uphill.  It eventually climbs 300′ in elevation to a large knoll the size of a football field.  This knoll is very gently laying, almost flat and offers incredible building sites and sweeping views of the mountains.  To get to this point would require a very substantial drive, but its possible here in the mountains.

So call us today to arrange a visit to this excellent property.