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Price:  $599,900 (BACK ON MARKET)

Location:  Caswell County

Detailed Property Information

Heated Square Footage
Community Center: 1,048 s.f.
Small Cabins: 198 s.f. (5)
Large Cabins: 281 s.f. (2)
Caretaker Cabin: 552 s.f. (1)
Year Built
1992 Caretaker Cabin
2005 Other buildings
# of Bedrooms
Eight in one bedroom cabins
# of Baths
Six full baths (3 in bath house, one in each of three cabins
One half bath in Community Center
Overall Condition
Good condition
49.75+/- acres
Surface Water
County Line Creek on one property line
Spring fed pond
Open Field/Pasture
Approximately 10 acres of cleared pasture and farmland
Nearest Interstate Highway
32+ miles to I-40
Nearest Four Lane Road
14+ miles Highway 58
Nearest High Density Area
15 miles (Danville, VA)

Photo Gallery

Tranquility Ridge is one of the most complete retreat properties we’ve had the privilege of listing.  The property is located in Caswell County, about 35 miles northeast of Greensboro, NC in a very rural area with thousands of acres of state owned game lands within shouting distance.  Its uses are many: summer camp, church camp, substance abuse recovery center, spiritual retreat center, hunting camp, etc.  However, it was built primarily for one purpose: to provide several families a secure, self-sustainable environment in which to live in the event of major civil unrest.  In prepping vernacular, this is known as an “End Of The World As We Know It” event; one in which the order of law collapses and citizens must rely on their own skills to survive.  While this property was created for that purpose, the infrastructure is equally well suited for any of the above uses that don’t require an apocalyptic event.  The common infrastructure that could be utilized by each of these groups include:

  • Eight cabins (three with full baths, five that share a bath house and all having window a/c units and are weatherized)
  • Common bath house with three individual baths with sink, toilet and shower, plus a laundry area in the building
  • Community building capable of seating up to 50 persons, complete with very large kitchen
  • Communications office
  • Medic/first aid station
  • Workshop overflowing with tools
  • Equipment shed
  • Large rabbit hutch
  • Chicken coop
  • Spring fed pond
  • Year round creek
  • Fruit orchard
  • Garden areas
  • Secure entrance
  • Outstanding solar exposure
  • Three RV’s (campers)

In addition to the above features, for the prepper client, the property includes perimeter security features, secret caches, large scale rainwater catchment reservoirs, 100 foot tall HAM radio transmission tower, shooting range with covered range hut, etc.  There are several other security features which will only be disclosed to qualified prospects.  One of the items that makes this so well suited for preppers is an exhaustive operations manual that will be shared with the next owner.  This manual covers everything from security patrols, communications, operation of equipment, safety measures, medical care and quarantine measures, chain of command protocols, etc.  For a full length video of the property, click here.

Included in the asking price is an overwhelming abundance of personal property.  Example, in the Communications Center,

HAM comms in Community Center

you’ll find a complete HAM radio operation base including uninterruptible power supply batteries, numerous hand held HAM radios, short range radio transceivers, world and local maps, electronics repair station, flat screen computer CPU connected to multiple security cameras around the property, ancillary parts and supplies, twelve TA-312 field telephones plus hardwired switchboard to other buildings on the property, etc.  Everything you need to communicate with the world or with others on the property is found here.

The kitchen in the Community Center has fed upwards of 50 at a time and features all supplies, utensils, cookware, flatware, stemware, spices, paper goods, etc.  A propane gas range is supplemented by a covered gas grill and smoker on the adjacent covered porch. A separate kitchen is located in the Caretaker’s Cabin, a one bedroom house with full bath and living room.  Positioned next to each of the other cabins you’ll find charcoal or propane grills.  A walk in freezer is located in the equipment building.

The Community Center is a one story building with large common meeting room that can seat 50 at a time.  Folding tables and chairs are included as is a library of books on sustainable living and a closet full of board games for entertainment.  An overhead projector and drop down screen are used for classes from time to time.  The building has a wood stove for back up heat along with a whole house attic fan and window heat pump for primary heating and cooling.  There is a half bath in the Community Center.  Adjacent to the Community Center is a 25′ tall Observation Tower that provides a 360 degree view of the compound.

Five of the cabins are small very basic one room houses with metal roofs.  They are of frame construction with half round log veneers and each has a window air conditioner unit.  They have hardwood floors and are designed for sleeping cots or installation of bunk beds.  Two of the cabins are slightly larger and of similar construction but include full baths with fiberglass showers and kitchen cabinetry including a sink.  One of these also features a screened porch.  The Caretaker’s Cabin is the largest and most complete, including a full kitchen, bedroom, full bath, living room with air conditioning and a small wood stove.

Two of the smaller cabins

A workshop is included as are all the tools found within it.  The tools are too numerous to inventory but include numerous small hand tools, grinders, table saws, circular saws, hammers, drills, drill press, sanders, chainsaws, etc.  Its like owning your personal Lowe’s Home Improvement store.  We are told that most every repair needed through the years has been able to be addressed on site using these tools.

Beyond hand tools, you’ll find a fully operational John Deere 310 D rubber tired backhoe including a two cubic foot bucket.  There is a Kubota L5240 farm tractor with bucket and 48″ deck mower attached to a PTO.  There is also a CAT Skidsteer and 4WD Shuttle Buggy UTV with trailer.  Also located in the equipment barn are many other farm tools necessary for the successful operation of the farm elements.

Also within the equipment barn, you’ll find a separate room that has been used as the camp medic station.  This room includes a standard medical examination table and lockable glass front cabinets with numerous first aid supplies and equipment for checking the health of residents.  A 26′ RV has been set up as a quarantine station in the event the property is fully occupied and a member should become ill with a communicable disease.

Two other large RV’s with bump outs are stationed on the property for additional housing.  There are several other sites on which additional RV’s could be parked.  There are areas for recreation as well a large garden areas and large fenced corrals for small livestock.  Components are in place for a large greenhouse if desired to be assembled.  The pond is spring fed and sits just below the fruit orchard.  County Line Creek forms part of the natural property and is a large, year round stream measuring approximately 25′ wide.  There are no neighbors within sight, ensuring your privacy.

Again, there are too many features to list and many of which will only be shared with those with a serious inquiry.  More photos are available than what is shown here.  If you’re not into “prepping”, and just need a well established camp facility to house groups and provide recreational opportunities, Tranquility Ridge will work just as well.  Only serious, qualified inquiries please.