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Price:  $56,900 (UNDER CONTRACT)

Location:  Buncombe County

Detailed Property Information

3.03 Acres
Road Frontage
Paved, county maintained
Flat to gently sloping. Excellent for building
Surface Water
Three small year round creeks plus a spring
Electricity, Telephone
Power is run into the property with a meter base. Telephone nearby
Well Water
Existing 70 gallon per minute well installed with spigot
Sewer System
Septic system needed, but soils are suitable
None at this time, but could possibly be created
Open Field/Pasture
None at this time, but ample gentle area that could be cleared
Nearest Interstate
14 miles
Nearest Four Lane Highway
14 miles
Nearest High Density Area
14 Miles (Black Mountain)

Photo Gallery

The Upper Rock Creek Hide Out is ideal for those needing great privacy, yet convenience at an affordable price.  This property is located 14 miles south of the Norman Rockwell-ish town of Black Mountain, NC (the setting of the book “One Second After“) in a beautiful area surrounded by larger undeveloped land parcels.  Access to the property is excellent in that the entire route is paved, yet its definitely off the beaten path, thus ensuring privacy.

Upper Rock Creek Road is a dead end road that is off NC 9, which takes you back to Black Mountain and I-40.  The road frontage of this property is all at road grade.  That is, no steep driveway to build or large culvert to install.  In fact, there is already a driveway in place as well as a 20′ x 60′ graded pad surfaced with gravel.  This pad is ideal for an outbuilding or staging area for building materials.

The entire site is wooded with a mix of mature and young trees along with lots of mature Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel thickets.  Perfect for wildlife  The topography is very gentle as well and lends itself to building.  The property elevation ranges from 2,850 to nearly 2,890 feet above sea level with a very gentle knoll near the rear that would make for an excellent home site.  A well was installed several years ago during a drought and it was producing 70 gallons per minute at 60′ of depth.  Its a gusher!  A farm spigot has been attached to the well so that one can tap into it immediately.  The soils are well suited for a conventional septic system in that there is no visible rock and the slopes are very gentle.  A soil scientist has already inspected the property and deemed it suitable for septic.  Electrical power has already been extended onto the property and there is a meter box set up just waiting for a meter.

One of the greatest features is that of three streams and a spring on the property.  The western property line features a small creek and another small creek is on the other side of the property.  But traversing near the middle of the property is a very substantial creek that even in the drought of 2016 is flowing strong!  Not far from this creek is what appears to be a springhead with water bubbling up out of the ground.  This area could be a nice place for a pond for irrigation or crops.  About 1/3 of the property appears to be well suited for growing and there is plenty of sunshine as the property faces south.  So set up those solar arrays.

Another nice feature is that it is bordered by much larger parcels on all side, all of which are undeveloped.  There’s not a house in sight and the nearest one is approximately 900′ away on the other side of a ridge that is only occupied a couple times a year.  Want to sight in your rifle, the property provides a natural backstop and you won’t be disturbing the neighbors.  I’m telling you, this property has it all at a sweet price.  Call soon because this one won’t last.