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Retreat Real Estate in Hendersonville, NC

The western North Carolina mountain town of Hendersonville has become nearly as popular a retirement location as nearby Asheville. Hendersonville is located approximately 30 minutes south of Asheville and one hour north of Greenville, South Carolina in a broad valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It is well known as the home of American author Carl Sandburg and for apples. There are hundreds of apple orchards in the area and every year Hendersonville hosts the North Carolina Apple Festival, the largest of its kind in the state. Downtown Hendersonville features a very pedestrian friendly Main Street lined with blocks of shops and restaurants. Nearby Flat Rock is well known for the Flat Rock Playhouse, a nationally known theater troupe that brings Broadway headliners to town.

Scattered around the outlying areas of Hendersonville are numerous real estate properties ideally suited for retreats or survival properties. Interstate 26 runs north and south through the county, but in getting off the beaten path, one can find gently rolling farms with plenty of streams and water on them. The climate is of four mild seasons, so growing one’s own crops is certainly doable in this area. The back roads of the county provide great places for a survivalist’s prepper property tucked away in the mountains.

So what is Retreat and “Prepper” Property Real Estate?

A retreat property is basically the same as a survival property or prepper property or bug out property. These are properties located somewhere off the beaten path, out of sight from prying eyes that provide their owners a place of safety during uncertain times. The mountain side roads outside the North Carolina mountain town of Hendersonville offers many such real estate properties. The need for these properties grows every day as the world around us becomes less and less safe. Retreat Realty exists to provide forward thinking persons a resource and knowledge base that will make locating and choosing such a property an easier experience.