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BackfireJust the other day while heading to one of my listings to show potential buyers, I got a message from the seller that there was fire on the mountain!  Thinking such a situation would be a huge turnoff to my buyer I contemplated canceling the tour, however, decided to proceed onward.  Glad I did.

Fire in rural mountain regions such as that of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a legitimate concern.  There tends to be a lot of combustible material on the ground and firefighting capabilities are hampered by limited road access and steep terrain.  The very things that make a bug out property desirable can also pose a risk when it comes to fire.  So having an action plan in place becomes very important along with being part of a Mutual Aid Group.  Retreat Realty presently has several building lots for sale that would make good survival properties in the Creston development just outside the town of Black Mountain, and the homeowners there have established just such a plan and group.  Good thing because three days ago there was “Fire on the Mountain!”

Fireman at waterFortunately, the homeowners there have the Creston Emergency Response Team (CERT) with two owners having radios that are tuned to the county first responder system.  Therefore, as soon as the 911 call came in and Dispatch alerted the fire department, the CERT members were notified.  They immediately set out to locate the exact spot of the fire, then positioned individuals at various road intersections to help firefighters get to the nearest access point.  After all, with mountain terrain and a maze of roads, it is easy for emergency personnel to get lost and lose valuable time.  The system worked perfectly and the blaze was quickly contained without damage to any structures or injuries.

The system is designed to also work in response to medical emergencies.  Again, the CERT members can assist EMT’s to the destination.  They have pre-positioned defibrillator machines in various locations in the community and twelve of the members are trained in CPR and First Aid.  All of this could mean the difference between life or death since the community is some distance from the nearest hospital.

Now back to my buyers.Creston sign

When we pulled up, they saw the firefighters, but also met several property owners calmly doing their duty.  The buyers were very impressed at the rapid response and how well the property owners pulled together.  It showed them that this community has its act together.  The end result is that these buyers have made an offer on a property there.  Now that’s what I call a “fire sale”.

So regardless of where you end up having your North Carolina survival property, you should have an emergency action plan in place.  Get to know the neighbors and create a mutual aid group of like-minded folks.  You never know when you’re going to need some help.  Its one thing to be remote, but we still need a network of support.  Call Retreat Realty today and let us assist you in locating your optimum bug out property.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Brian Shaw, Creston resident