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Every couple of years, I like to check up on the US Debt Clock, an interesting site to visit that provides more than just a snapshot of our growing national debt but other obligations, income and expenses along with personal debt figures.  I recently picked up my copy of the book “Patriots” by James W. Rawles which prompted me to revisit the Debt Clock.

In this fictional book, society collapses not due to a nuclear, biological or cyber-attack, but by the rapid meltdown and unwiding of our national economy.  All such books are of course, fictional and the scenarios differ, but the outcome is the same: a society that folds in on itself leaving every family to fend for itself.  Though fiction, the events described in this book could have been taken from today’s headlines, therefore, it is a plausible scenario worth investigating.  So I looked back at prior posts and realized that April 6, 2020 was the last time I wrote about the Debt Clock and it was April 18, 2017 before that.  My how time (and debt) flies!

In the 2017 post, the U.S. national debt was at $19.8 trillion.  Where is it today?  $31.5 trillion.  That comes to $246,000 PER tax payer!  But that’s not all folks.   Total unfunded liabilities (things such as future Social Security and Medicare obligations) are a stagering $174 trillion!  That is money owed to both current retirees and those of us who will retire.  Good luck collecting because as we all know from the headlines that the Social Security Trust Fund is a hollow account with a bunch of worthless I.O.U’s issued by the Federal Reserve to balance the books on paper.  So what can one do?  Get one’s own financial house in order and pray that what takes place in “Patriots” never happens here in the U.S.  Another reason to obtain a safe haven in these mountains of western North Carolina if your sitaution allows it.  Call us today and we’ll help you find the right place at the right price such as this charming 27 acre mini-farm with two houses.  Or if you have a really big budget (like our government), perhaps this newly listed 349 acre farm with THREE houses will do.