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In case you didn’t know, September is Preparedness Month.  Time to pull together your preps and review what you have.  Read a good book on the subject or take a class to learn a new skill.  In going through your emergency preparedness items, look for what you don’t have and what you need.  If you need anything, before shopping online, I encourage you to visit Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville, NC.  Carolina Readiness is THE best retailer of emergency supplies you’ll find in North Carolina.

In celebration of Preparedness Month they are holding their annual Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday, September 8th from 11 – 4.  They’re offering 20% off Mountain House and $10 off Augason Farms products.  If you’ve shopped for these fine brands of long term foods, you know they don’t come cheap.  This is a great time to stock up.  There will be other deals and special guests in attendance.  So be sure to visit them on the 8th.  You’ll be glad you did.  (And please tell them that John sent you!)