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The Retreat Realty display

The Retreat Realty display

Just completed three days of learning and showcasing at the Heritage Life Skills event in Waynesville, and what an event!  Retreat Realty had its display booth featuring western North Carolina survival properties and many folks stopped by to chat.  The event itself featured a dozen or so vendors, but the main draw was the educational portion comprised of dozens and dozens of classes along with being able to hear several nationally known speakers talk on the subject of disaster preparedness.  I congratulate Carolina Readiness Supply on its successful execution of the event.

I met folks from all over the southeast who have an interest in purchasing a bug out property in our Blue Ridge Mountains.  It was a pleasure to speak with them as I shared the characteristics of what makes a good prepper property.  The demand is definitely on the upswing as the movement gains more attention following more and more civil unrest and concern about our economy.  Just the day before, National Public Radio’s program “All Things Considered” broadcast a four minute segment on survival property to a national audience.  The next day I heard from the real estate agent featured in the article and she told me her email inbox and phone line had been overflowing with inquiries.  It struck a chord.

On a lighter note, a couple of visitors to my display pointed out the misspelling of “survival” on the big sign.  It actually was a typo by the graphic artist, but I didn’t catch it in the proof and unwittingly approved it, so I’m to blame as well.  Live and learn!

Finally, while at the event, I offered a $50 gift certificate to Carolina Readiness Supply and I’m pleased to announce the winner from all those who filled out entry forms is Monica Green!  Congratulations Monica!

In closing, I encourage you to seriously consider obtaining a bug out property here in the mountains that will provide you and your family a place of refuge when things end up going to pieces as they surely will.  Retreat Realty is ready o help you find the perfect mountain survival property that fits your budget and need.  Call us today and lets get ready!