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Water water everywhere!  That’s how its been the past few weeks, then we got hit with numerous inches of rain from Tropical Storm Alberto.  Caught everyone by surprise.  It just parked over the mountains and created pockets of serious flooding and erosion.  Just “off the mountain” near the towns of Old Fort and Marion, residents living below the Lake Tahoma Dam were ordered to evacuate due to imminent collapse of the dam.  Fortunately, it didn’t happen and folks were allowed to return.  But what would you have done?  What would you have grabbed as you ran out the door?

These sort of things can come upon us at any moment.  You’ve heard me say it could be a flash flood, wildfire, train derailment resulting in a chemical spill or something more sinister such as a terrorist attack.  It can happen anywhere, most any time.  So have a plan in place.  Know where your critical documents are located and have a Tupperware container of emergency clothes and supplies.  Don’t forget about medications as well as the needs of any four-legged friends.