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Hurricane season is now in full swing with the first tropical storm/hurricane of Barry hitting the Gulf Coast as I write. Although its not a Category 2, 3 or 4, the rains it brings along with the flood stage Mississippi is the concern. This is a reminder that we should all be prepared for this sort of thing.

Being prepared isn’t just the realm of preppers and survivalists, but should be practiced by every citizen. In Japan where I my in-laws lived for 46 years, that country’s citizens takes disaster preparedness very seriously. Entire neighborhoods throughout the nation have emergency drills and neighbors know who their neighbors are so that they can better help one another in a crisis. The city of Tokyo produced this excellent preparedness handbook which you can download as a PDF. Yes, its written in English.

A natural disaster can strike most any time, and very often with little warning. At least with Barry, the gulf states have had a few days to prepare. But what about an earthquake, tornado, wildfire or sudden long term power outage. A disaster doesn’t even need to hit you directly to have an impact on your daily life. Many times, we’ve seen oil refineries shut down in advance of hurricanes and lingering damage having an affect on fuel supplies nationwide.

So how well prepared are you? Do you have 30 days of supplies for your family? Do you have a plan? Or will you be like those we see in news broadcasts standing in line to pay $10 for a case of bottled water. Don’t get caught like that. Take some time to put away a few things for the proverbial rainy day.

On a larger scale, have you considered owning a property in a rural setting that can provide you with natural resources and security in the event the power doesn’t come back on? Something to think about. How about these two totally off-grid properties that have privacy, water, wildlife, etc? (off-grid dome house; off-grid Asheville) Recently, there have been several main stream news reports about the frailty of our power grid. Lets hope it never goes out, but one day the inevitable will happen. So call us today to help you get prepared.