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Boone, NC – North Carolina Mountain Retreat Real Estate

History has shown that in uncertain times, it is wise to have a Plan B. If you have the resources, that Plan B should include a retreat or survival property. The Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina provide just the right climate and opportunities for a getaway place. Specifically, the area around Boone in Watauga County and neighboring Ashe and Wilkes Counties provide ample land opportunities.

A survival or prepper real estate property doesn’t have to mean a bunker at the end of the road stocked with ammo. The clients of Retreat Realty tend to be well educated, conservative and simply concerned about the safety of their families. They are looking for property that is off the beaten path, and out of sight of prying eyes, specifically away from major thoroughfares. This is an important aspect of a survival or retreat property. If a national emergency should occur, the large populations of major metro areas such as Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh will flee the cities in search of safety in rural areas such as our western Carolina mountains.

Boone, North Carolina is home to Appalachian State University, the “Mountaineers” and is well known for its college town and resort town feel. Nestled in a valley flanked by Grandfather Mountain and the nearby resort town of Blowing Rock, Boone is the largest, yet not too large town in the area. It offers a wonderful quality of life owing in large part to the cultural offerings found at Appalachian State University.

The area is dotted with numerous snow skiing resorts such as Ski Beech located on Beech Mountain or Appalachian Ski Mountain or Sugar Mountain Ski resort. In addition to these winter time resorts, the area has several outfitters that provide rafting and fly fishing trips on area waterways.

The Mast General Store is a well known regional retailer of outdoor gear. The original store location in Valle Crucis is a national historic landmark. The Dan’l Boone Inn and Restaurant are a North Carolina treasure, offering homestyle meals so thick with the calories that they’ll have to carry you out. Just the kind of place to pile on the calories you may need when chopping wood at your bug out location. Overall, the Boone area is an ideal place to live in good times or bad.

So what is a North Carolina Retreat Property in the Mountains?

A retreat property is basically the same as a survival property or prepper property or bug out property. These are properties located somewhere off the beaten path, out of sight from prying eyes that provide their owners a place of safety during uncertain times. The mountain side roads outside the mountain city of Boone, NC offers many such properties. The need for these properties grows every day as the world around us becomes less and less safe. Retreat Realty exists to provide forward thinking persons a resource and knowledge base that will make locating and choosing such a property an easier experience.