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Agency Disclosure

Retreat Realty is a North Carolina real estate firm which serves its clients as “Buyer’s Agents”, “Seller’s Agents”, and “Dual Agents”.  That is, we list properties for sale on behalf of sellers, but we also assist folks coming to us seeking properties.  With only a few exceptions, every property you see on the Retreat Realty website is a property listed by our firm.  Until you have signed a Buyer’s or Seller’s Agency Agreement, you should not discuss any confidential information with us.  When showing properties, it is very likely that we’ll show you some of our listings along with those listed by other firms.  When showing you one of our listings, we’ll be acting as a “Dual Agent”, basically as facilitators to disclose all material facts and assist in getting through due diligence.  For a full explanation of agency, click here to read the brochure on this matter published by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

It is important to understand that touring properties in the mountains takes time and effort.  Its not like an urban area where one can easily view ten houses in one day.  Mountain properties are spread out, especially those best suited for retreats.  Therefore, we will first want to have a lengthy discussion with you prior to showing properties and we may ask for verification of funds to ensure you have the ability to purchase what you are shown.  That is, we value your time, but we also value ours and can only show properties to qualified individuals.  We aren’t tour guides.  We take our profession seriously and can’t spend a tank of gas joyriding, as much fun as that may be.  Prior to any showing of properties, you will be asked to complete a Buyer’s Agency Agreement.  For more information about how we handle property tours, please read a blog post on the subject by clicking here.

We do not discriminate against any protected class of persons as identified by Federal and State agencies.