About Retreat Realty

John at planeOwner/Founder, John Haynes has been a licensed NC real estate broker since 1997 being involved in all facets of real estate since 1987 when he started in the appraisal business.  Over the years, he has personally developed five successful subdivisions including one of 900 acres in western North Carolina.  In recent years, while working in the jungles of Guyana, South America on a 34,000 acre project, John saw the United States from a different vantage point and as a result, he became concerned about its leadership, the direction of its economy and the instability of the dollar.  Being good friends with others involved in a large NGO specializing in disaster relief, John became knowledgeable in the matter of disaster readiness and preparedness.  Some would call him a “prepper” or even a “survivalist”, yet he’s actually a realist and pragmatist, skilled at what he does.

John’s excellent knowledge of real estate, planning and design caters specifically to clients of Retreat Realty.  Given the nature of this subject, discretion is necessary and a special skill set is crucial.  With such an investment, one must operate with the highest level of integrity.  Read the testimonials and if you’d like to see dozens of full length testimonial letters, let us know.  We also note that John is a broker affiliate with Keller Williams Professionals of Asheville, NC.

We value your time, but also ours.  Viewing properties in the mountains takes time because of the distances involved, especially for retreat properties.  Therefore, before investing a great deal of time, we need to know that you are (1) serious; (2) financially capable of buying and; (3) have the right mindset.  We aren’t tour guides.  We’re professionals.

While Retreat Realty’s focus is on land and homes in the mountains of western North Carolina, we can assist in the purchase of properties anywhere within the state.  Just call and we will be glad to consult with you.



We most often operate as Buyer’s Agents, screening properties and showing only those that are most relative to your need and budget.  However, we also list properties for sale and in such cases will operate as a Dual Agent.  If that sounds confusing, you can learn more about Agency Relationships by visiting the NC Real Estate Commission website by clicking here.  In a nutshell, until we have established how we will represent you, don’t tell us anything you wouldn’t want a seller to know.

Retreat Realty does not discriminate against any protected class of persons so identified by any Federal or State agencies.