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Black Mountain Prepper Properties & Retreat Real Estate

The western North Carolina mountains are dotted with many quaint towns such as Black Mountain, also known as the “Front Porch” of western North Carolina. It’s a very friendly, “Norman Rockwell” kind of town nestled in the Swannanoa Valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains with Mt. Mitchell in the distance. One can even see the Blue Ridge Parkway from the heart of town. It sits just west of the Eastern Continental Divide and offers all the daily services one might need, but without big city traffic and big city problems.

Having a retreat property close to a town such as Black Mountain, but off the beaten path is the best of both worlds. A retreat property is basically the same as a survival property or prepper property. These are properties located somewhere out of sight from prying eyes providing their owners a place of safety during uncertain times. The surrounding Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains offer all kinds of survival properties tucked away on side roads. Some prepper properties even abut the Blue Ridge Parkway or Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The need for survival properties grows every day as the world around us becomes less and less safe. Retreat Realty exists to provide forward thinking persons (preppers and survivalists) a resource and knowledge base that will make locating and choosing a prepper property an easier experience. We at Retreat Realty have an intimate knowledge of the western North Carolina mountains including the Blue Ridge, Pisgah National Forest and the Smokies. Often times, survival properties are also “off the grid properties” or simply “off grid”, thus allowing preppers even more separation from dependency on the power grid and government services.

The location and immediate surroundings are also vitally important. The property should be several miles from major highways and thoroughfares such as Interstate 40 which runs through Black Mountain and nearby Asheville. The reason is that during a time of crises, large numbers of people fleeing the cities will follow these major thoroughfares, seeking food, shelter and refuge along these routes. This is what disaster planners refer to as “the Golden Horde”. Staying several miles outside of Black Mountain on a lesser traveled side road is best.

North Carolina mountain survival property can easily be found with the assistance of Retreat Realty. We are headquartered in Black Mountain and know the area well. The Blue Ridge mountains surrounding town make for outstanding survival properties.