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Receiving a thank you note from a client is always a highlight of my day.  For those who have met me in person, you may have seen the three ring binder I carry with me containing magazine articles about me, but most importantly are the dozens of thank you notes and letters of reference from past clients.  I work hard at providing exceptional service and wise counsel to my clients, and the reward isn’t just financially upon a sale, but a word of thanks, and sometimes referrals to the friends of clients.  Just the other day, I received the following letter.

“It is with great appreciation that I write this letter of reference for John.  After having had my property (click here to view property) in McDowell County listed with another agent without any results, I did some research and came across information on John.  His experience, other letters of reference and his business model seemed to fit my situation.  My property was unique in that it was almost one hundred acres, had multiple homes on the property and was in an area where prices for sold properties had been lower than what I was asking.  In addition, my property had been in my family for generations and held much sentimental value.


John wasted no time in getting the marketing program started and in no time had two acceptable offers.  The first contract did not proceed due to the pandemic, so we proceeded with the back up contract.  Various issues arose that had to be dealt with.  Primary among them was the appraisal.  The initial value came in approximately 20% lower than the contract price.  John immediately jumped into action and provided the lender with documentation that substantiated our value.  John was able to do this based on his many years of experience in both sales and appraisals.  His efforts convinced the lender that the original appraisal was inadequate, and we proceeded to close.


It is obvious that John loves his work, and it shows in how he conducts himself and deals with his clients.  He is professional, kind and detail oriented.  I am very thankful for all that he did for me and highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a real estate PROFESSIONAL!  —   Tim Padgett”

I’m humbled by the kind words and most appreciative knowing I did a good job for this client.  If you’re looking to purchase or sell a property, I’d be pleased to represent you and hopefully result in a similar outcome.   Call today.