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If you need proof as to how quickly things can come to a halt, look no further than the recent shut down of the Hong Kong International Airport. This is one of the busiest airports in the world, moving 74 million visitors per year and serving 120+ airlines with 1,100 daily flights. So imagine the disruption to travelers, businesses and freight.

Here is a nearly $100 billion airport that has been mostly shut down by a crowd of protesters who largely walked in the front door and choked it to a halt. If it can happen in a near police state, it can happen anywhere. With social media’s ability to connect and organize opposition, its easy to visualize something happening at other airports around the world, possibly in unison as a show of solidarity. Don’t be surprised if these sorts of protests spread.

The financial, social and political repercussions await to be seen, but the point being, our lives can be disrupted in a flash, and we should be prepared. Whether it be from civil disobedience to a natural disaster, things can come upon us quickly and most of us aren’t prepared. Keep some supplies handy and always carry some things with you when traveling just in case you find yourself stranded. It can happen at any time of year.

Of course if your budget allows, the biggest thing one can do is have a bugout property prepared here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and we stand ready to assist as needed. Call us today to begin your search.