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IMG_1675After 28 years in the real estate business, John Haynes has launched Retreat Realty with the focus of helping forward thinking individuals locate properties that can provide them an “out of sight and out of mind” location as a safety measure when disaster strikes.  Retreat Realty is headquartered in Black Mountain, NC in the beautiful western North Carolina mountains.

In recent years, observant individuals have watched our national debt grow beyond comprehension while at the same time witnessed more and more corruption in government and lowering of standards in general.  Additionally, there are serious threats to our way of life from forces outside these states that have openly declared war on us.  With these issues and increasing natural disasters, it is wise to consider what might happen in the event of a major disaster and where one might go to escape it.

If you live in a large or even medium sized metropolitan area, imagine for a moment what it would look like if the power went out for three weeks or more on a regional scale.  Law and order would quickly break down and the daily services we rely upon would be gone.  It wouldn’t take long for mass chaos to break out in such urban areas.  Because of “just in time” delivery, grocery stores typically have no more than a few days’ worth of food on the shelves.  They’d be cleaned out in hours.  What would you do?  If you’re smart and have the financial wherewithal, it would be wise to find a place to go to in such an event that is well outside major metro areas.  Retreat Realty exists to help you find such a place and to help you learn what support items are important and which ones aren’t.

If you’ve never considered such a thing, you may find it alarmist, crazy or disturbing.  Most folks do.  But realize that the threats are very real and during a time of crisis, it will be too late.  Just ask anyone who lived through Katrina.    You need to research the matter and plan ahead now.

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