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Sometimes I’m asked why I affiliated my own firm, Retreat Realty, Ltd. with Keller Williams Professionals, and there are a few reasons.  One of which is that in addition to good technical support and training, it also provides me a platform on which to compare and compete with other agents head to head.  I love what I do and thoroughly enjoy helping both buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  Sometimes this involves incredible amounts of hours and due diligence that comes from experience.

But being part of a larger firm allows me to gain some recognition from time to time.  Fortunately, as you may have read, I was the top producing agent out of more than 400 KW local Asheville agents in 2019.  Well, just the other week I received word that not only was I the top closing agent in May for the Asheville market, but I was the top producer for all of Keller Williams in both North and South Carolina.  That’s something like 5,000 agents.  I’m humbled by it, and honestly never anticipated such an award, as I simply enjoy doing what I do and have been very blessed with the results.  Doesn’t mean its going to happen again, but its nice to be able to be recognized for a job well done.