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Are you ready?  The times, they are changing and now more than ever its important to have a backup plan because life as we knew it just 24 months ago is over.  We’re in a new environment full of restrictions, fear and civil discord.  Its been a “slow boil” for a while and most of the population doesn’t see it because most folks only read headlines, hear soundbites, and Twitter feeds.  But if you dig deeper into the backstories, its more than scary.

Have you noticed some of the shelves at your hardware, department store or Walmart are nearly bare.  Not all of course, but some?  Noticed the spike in lumber prices, fuel and food?  One close friend in the wholesale food business said there is plenty of food being produced, but not enough truck drivers to get it across the country.  That’s because they’re getting paid more through stimulus checks than if they were driving.  Notice that every restaurant has “help wanted” ads?  Why work 10 hour days on your feet for minimum wage and tips when you can triple that by staying home?  Its affects everything from dining to manufacturing and that’s in part why some store shelves are empty.

The scenes are more like something you’d expect in Venezuela, a Banana Republic or a Third World country.  In fact, many immigrants from those countries are expressing serious concern about what they’re now seeing here in the U.S. because its eerily similar to that which they escaped to come here.  But now its gradually coming upon us too, and most of us don’t see it.

For those who DO see it, you might consider having an escape plan for the day when your local government starts restricting your movement or freedom again or the rioting resumes in your city.  Here in the mountains of western North Carolina, there are unrestricted properties where you can be free to roam and live as you wish.  Just be sure to get out in time before the borders are shut again.  Call us today to start your search for that ideal getaway.