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I wrote part of this post nearly two years ago, but its worth publishing again.  We’ve all heard of “armchair quarterbacks”, but what about armchair agents?  I’ve been involved in real estate since August 1987 when I started as an apprentice real estate appraiser.  Worked for five years as an appraiser toward the MAI professional designation before being recruited by a large development company which lead to my own development firm, brokerage and so on and so on.  Last year and in 2019 I was the Top Individual Agent for the Keller Williams Asheville market (that’s 448 agents).  That’s a simple way of saying that I’ve got a little bit of experience in real estate.

Now and then I have clients come to town looking to purchase that have very little experience in in this business, but they have a friend or distant relative who is an expert.  Very often I spend a good deal of time undoing the damage done by these well-intentioned or sometimes prideful friends and family.  These friends give advice that is often irrelevant, out of date, or simply wrong, and it is then up to me to talk these clients back from the edge.  Its almost like when you fall ill and try self-diagnosing by going to the Internet: everything leads to cancer.  My suggestion to anyone coming to town is “Please let me take care of you.  I have the experience and an impeccable track record of doing so for others.”  Just check out the testimonials on my testimonial page.  I may not be a blood relative, but then again, when entering into the largest single purchase of your life (as many real estate transactions are), please let a professional handle it.  So call today and let me help you in your search.