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Here are some tips for ticks this season.  In this business, I spend a lot of time hiking through woods, pastures, climbing over downed trees, grassy fields and old barns.  As a result, its not uncommon to get home and find one or two hitchhikers.  Yes ticks, those creepy disgusting leeches that like to grab on to your pants leg and then eventually your legs themselves.  But you don’t have to be out walking mountain survival properties to get them.  Just attending a picnic at the park could do it.

Anyone who’s found one on their person knows the revolting sensation of seeing it crawling along, or much worse with its head burrowing into the skin  Just looking at the above photo makes you want to exit this page, doesn’t it?  Yikes!  As creepy as they are, the worst thing is that they might be carrying Lyme Disease.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that Lyme Disease can be a very debilitating condition that will stay with you for life and can even kill.

But there are many ways to reduce your risk to ticks and subsequently, to Lyme Disease.  Click here for an excellent article on the subject.  I thought I already knew plenty about ticks and preventing them from hoping on board, but I learned a few things in this article.  Remember that if the grid goes down, and we’re without all the wonders of modern medicine, it won’t matter a bit if you have the most defensible bugout property or ten years worth of long term food stored up if you can be debilitated by something as small as a tick that’s smaller than a grain of rice.  So when you’re out walking bugout properties, don’t come home with one of those bugs!