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ForstchenI  just spoke with friend and Black Mountain neighbor, Bill Forstchen who informed me that he will be a guest on tomorrow night’s (February 17th) airing of the Glen Beck Show on The Blaze between 9 PM and 9:30 PM EST.  So if you happen to be close to your computer, log in to The Blaze.  Bill said the subject matter will be on the impact of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon.

For those of you who don’t recognize Bill’s name, he’s a New York Times Bestselling Author having authored dozens of historical fiction novels.   He’s also a PhD. Professor of History at nearby Montreat College.  Perhaps, his most well known book is “One Second After” which addresses the lives of residents in our sleepy hometown of Black Mountain, North Carolina immediately after an EMP detonation fries the country’s electronics.  Its a sobering look into what could happen in such an event, or even if the power grid went down due to a cyber-attack.  His follow up sequel “One Year After” is just as engaging.  So listen in tomorrow night.  It will be enlightening.