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cell-towerIn a grid down situation, how long before cell tower power goes out as well?

Its well known that cell phone towers have back up power to keep cellular service up and running when the power goes out.  However, they have their limitations.  Remote cell tower locations typically have a diesel fueled generator with a reserve of fuel.  That amount varies from place to place, but is only so much.

While recently listing a property that abuts a cell tower, I drove up to the tower enclosure to just look around.  The attached photo shows the generator sitting atop a 200 gallon diesel fuel tank.  How long do you think that will last?  I’m not a mechanic and don’t know fuel consumption rates for such, but from everything I’ve read, it should be expected that unless the tank is resupplied, it would be empty in a week or so.  In a major grid down situation, the flow of goods will be seriously interrupted and that means no resupply for these remote locations.

Once cell service goes out, much of our modern communication ability goes with it.  That’s a troubling scenario.  Imagine not being able to reach loved ones across the state or even the county or to learn the latest news events.  HAM radio operators will likely step up to fill the void but they will be greatly overwhelmed and most of the population doesn’t know how to use the HAM system or even know a HAM operator.  At the very least I encourage everyone to have a hand held HAM radio such as the Baofeng BF-F8HP which is a very robust communication device.  Click here to read my previous review about it.  You do not have to hold a license to own one or to use it to listen in, but at present you must be licensed to transmit on it.  However, in a grid down situation, that changes.

So when it comes time for you to consider a bugout property or mountain survival property, give us a call while you still can.  Retreat Realty is ready to assist!