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BugoutIn the prepper world, there is a lot of discussion about “bug out bags” or “get out of dodge (G.O.O.D) bags” meaning a backpack you keep close by that is filled with materials to help you get from wherever you may be when the lights go out to your survival property or bug out location.  Example, if you have a survival property in the mountains of western North Carolina, but live in Charlotte and suddenly have to get out of town quickly either on foot or by vehicle, do you have a bag of supplies that will allow you to get to your destination safely?  To properly equip such a bag, its likely to be very heavy and bulky, albeit necessary.  But what if you live at your survival location?  Do you need such a bag?

Perhaps you don’t need a full out bug out bag with supplies to last two weeks, but what if you’re a couple hours away from home on business or out with the family for the day when suddenly everything stops working?  That’s when you need a “get home bag”.  This can be much smaller and lighter, designed to help you walk home from a distance of around 50 miles or so.  My wife and I keep such a bag in our vehicles because if one of us is on the other side of the county and suddenly an EMP hits, we could be walking 30 miles one way.  We wouldn’t need a full size pack, but enough to get us home.

Here is a sample of some (not all) of what’s in our bags: small water filter and water bottle; plenty of matches (in waterproof bag); fire starter; a pocket stove; flashlight and extra batteries; headlamp flashlight; compass; magnifying glass; metal cups for boiling water; utensils, a Leatherman tool, a bush knife, first aid kit, a bivvy sack, a thermal foil blanket, poncho, extra socks and thermal shirt, whistle, paracord, some food stuffs, and of course toilet paper.  Some cash in small bills is advisable, and of course some sort of defensive item.  This limited supply could help us get home even if it took a few days of walking.

So while many folks are focused on big bug out bags stout enough to survive a zombie assault, I suggest you at least keep a small get home bag in your vehicle.  Even if the lights don’t go out, you’ll find yourself using several of the items during the course of every day living.  If you do, just remember to restock.