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Ecuador earthquakeAmazingly, we’ve witnessed three earthquakes in two days time with two of them in southern Japan and a third in Ecuador.  These reminded me of the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe and Osaka Japan which my in-laws lived through.  In that event, more than 6,000 people died and nearly 250,000 homes were destroyed.  My father-in-law was walking out the door at 5:43 to catch the train when it hit.  Of course who can forget the earthquake that set off the tsunami that decimated northeastern Japan in 2011?

Years after the Hanshin Earthquake, my in-laws kept a bug out bag by the door, never knowing when the next one might hit.  They were without electricity, water and heat for weeks, and they were the more fortunate ones.  Not long ago, my mother-in-law forwarded me a link to a disaster preparedness booklet that was handed out to all citizens of Tokyo.  Its a great booklet showing you how to make useful items out of everyday ordinary things.  Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Guide to get your own copy.  Yes, it is written in English.  The recent earthquakes in two days is a reminder for us all to be ready when disaster strikes.