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Fire on the mountain! That’s a cry no one wants to hear. But the wildfires in California bring to mind the fire storm that overtook Gatlinburg, TN last December. I have friends in Tennessee who were seriously affected, and I was there recently where you could still see evidence everywhere of the devastation.

Wildfires are different than other natural disasters in a couple of ways. With a hurricane, you generally have up to a week or even more to prepare. Even after a hurricane hits, there are often still remnants to sort through, but in a fire like those in California, there is absolutely nothing left. A tornado comes on very quickly and can likewise wipe the earth clean, but the impact isn’t typically as widespread. Floodwaters tend to rise slowly, so there is often time to get out, and afterwards, homes that are standing can be repaired. But again, in these wildfires, there is nothing remaining.

Another difference is that wildfires are often times started intentionally or by carelessness. Not so with a hurricane, tornado or flooding. Its just a different form of devastation, and the fact that it can be started by man, adds a level of mental anguish, knowing it could have been prevented.

The speed with which the California and the Gatlinburg fires spread is incredible. Its a reminder for us to always be prepared to bug out in a hurry. Do you have a plan for your family? What would you grab if you only had minutes or hours? Can you put your hand on critical documents that will help you reestablish your life once the danger has passed?

We have a three ring binder with copies of critical documents (passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, passwords, etc.) that we can grab in an instant. We also have an instruction binder that tells where to find what preps we have and how to utilize them and establish communication with other family members and like minded friends. A sudden disaster could happen to any of us. If you live near a railroad on which chemicals are transported, would you be ready to bug out if a train derailed and spewed chlorine gas? Watching the disaster in California is a reminder that we should all be prepared, not just for the end of the world, but natural and manmade disasters. Here are Retreat Realty, we help folks like you find the ideal bugout property so that you can have a place to go to if needed. Call or email us today.