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Handling the hurricanes has become a requirement for folks living in North and South Carolina these past few weeks with Hurricanes Florence and Michael coming through.  Now the hard work begins.

Our hearts go out to those in Florida and South Georgia as they start the difficult task of recovering.  Some will never recover, but most will. September was Disaster Preparedness Month and for good reason.  Its around that time that we in the southeast experience hurricanes. Prepping isn’t only about being ready for end of the world scenarios, but has a legitimate purpose in being ready for things such as hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, floods, etc.  Any of these can come upon us quickly and we should all be ready to take care of our families as best we can without waiting till the last minute or depending on a handout from the government.  The better prepared you are, the less burden you are to the system and the more freedom you’ll have afterward.  I heard from a reader a couple of years ago that was in a shelter and he swore he would never do that again.  He felt like a prisoner.

We here in the mountains seldom have the direct impact of hurricanes as do those on the coast, but we often get the rains.  However, as my wife said while watching the images coming in from Florida, “I’m glad we live in the mountains.”  True.  To me, its the best of all worlds.  First carefully select a location that isn’t in a flood plain or slide prone area, then prepare the site around your home against wildfires.  We don’t tend to get tornados because of the disrupting effects of the mountains, and the winds from a hurricane tend to be greatly reduced by the time they reach us.  So if your budget allows, consider Retreat Realty to assist you in the search of a retreat property or safe haven here in the mountains.  Nowhere is totally immune from natural disasters, but here in the Black Mountain and Asheville, North Carolina mountains, we tend to have fewer of them, if you know where to settle down.  Call us today for a consultation or to schedule a visit.