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It is now April, so that means two things: The Masters in Augusta, Georgia and the Heritage Life Skills Event at Carolina Readiness Supply.  Each year our good friends at Carolina Readiness Supply host the Heritage Life Skills weekend event.  This is a tremendous opportunity for new and experienced folks to learn from the best when it comes to homesteading, prepping and such.

This year it will be held April 27th – 29th at the Folkmoot Center in Waynesville, NC about 30 minutes west of Asheville.  There will be dozens of vendors showcasing their wares but most importantly, dozens and dozens of classes you can attend on topics from soap making to land navigation; from identifying edible plants to radio communications; from small animal husbandry to reloading your own ammo; from off-grid power generation to aquaponics, etc.  The list is almost endless.  Of course there are featured speakers on the topics of disaster preparedness and various authors of survival novels and books you can meet.  Its simply a great weekend event.  If you’re into prepping or simply interested in homesteading and learning the lost skills of our great grandparents, the Heritage Life Skills event is for you.