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Leave the driving to us. When coming to our area to look at real estate, its important clients have an understanding of what to expect. Its a sensitive topic, but something that needs to be mentioned from time to time. Here are some guidelines that will help make your next visit a productive one.

  • We like children, but please leave the children at home if at all possible. We take showing property very seriously and it requires a lot of planning on our part due to the distances between properties, time required on each property, seller’s schedules, etc. Having young children in tow can be a distraction. Not always, but it definitely can complicate things. We prefer that your attention be on real estate and not the kids.
  • Sometimes we go onto properties where resident dogs are located. If you bring your dog and they don’t get along, that can spell trouble. I’ve witnessed it before. Please leave the dog behind.
  • Allot enough time. I typically spend an entire day and can easily put 150 miles on the vehicle, even if we’re just looking at five properties. Its not like looking at houses in subdivisions.
  • Parents and grandparents are fine, but remember that (1) I have limited room in my vehicle, and (2) much of what we do requires substantial walking, often times through the woods. I want everyone to be safe and healthy. If you tend to get motion sickness, let me know. Some of these roads are winding and twisting.
  • Let me drive. If at all possible, I prefer to drive. Why? If you are driving, your attention is on the road, not the surrounding areas through which we’re passing. If you are following in a vehicle, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to hear the narrative. By riding together, we can use that time to talk and you can learn about the areas as we pass through them. Please note that I drive a BMW X5 (midsize SUV) that is lifted and specifically designed for off-roading with seating for four guests. Sometimes there is no way except to travel in two vehicles, and if that’s the case, no problem. But its always better if I can drive. An added benefit to you is that I am using my own gasoline, not yours.
  • Refrain from taking non-critical phone calls. When I’m with clients, I rarely accept an incoming phone call. I do that out of respect for the client’s time. Once, I had a client receiving and making calls nearly every ten minutes with an adult child. I know you sometimes must take an urgent call, but please respect the attention I render by refraining from unnecessary calls.

If we follow these suggestions, the property tour will be a much more pleasant experience, not to mention more productive. Your time is valuable, as is ours. So lets make the most of it by focusing on real estate when you visit. After all, isn’t that the goal?