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non-electric-cooking-bagThe Non Electric Cooking Bag?  What’s that?

While visiting Jan Sterrett, friend and owner of Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville the other day, she pointed out what looked sort of like a gigantic 60 round magazine on its side with a beret covering the hole in the middle.  I actually thought it was some sort of tactical gear you’d wear.  I am struggling how to describe it, so here’s a photo.  It was made out of camo fabric and was almost light as a feather.  Turns out its an insulated bag/carrying container for cooked food; particularly food in a crock pot or similar dish.

Sure, you can find other contraptions in which you can carry a cooked pot roast or beans, but this one is super duty.  The shape and insulation all the way around ensure your cooked meal stays hot, not for just an hour, but four to six hours at a stretch.  The heat simply has no where to go, so it stays in the pot.  Its so efficient that food will continue cooking once placed inside thus the “non-electric” reference.

Why is this at a prepper supply store and why am I writing about it on a blog primarily devoted to western North Carolina prepper properties or off the grid property?  If you’re in a grid down situation and only have one grill on which to cook or one fire on which to boil water, that means you’re only cooking one hot entre/meal at a time.  That is, once you cook the entre, it sits off to the side cooling off while you’re cooking the other items for the meal.  With the Non-Electric Cooking Bag, just put your Dutch oven, or Crockpot in it and set aside.  When you’re done cooking the other food items, the main course will still be steaming hot.

Of course its not limited to grid down scenarios.  Its ideal for picnics, church socials or tailgating.  Best of all they are handmade right there in Waynesville by Jan herself.  The price is $69.  So contact Jan at Carolina Readiness Supply and get yours today.

One other thing I’d like to promote is that New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Bill Fortschen, author of “One Second After” will be signing his last book in the series at Carolina Readiness Supply this Saturday, the 14th from 11 – 1.  The latest book in the One Second After series is titled “The Final Day”.  Be sure to swing by and meet Bill and have him sign your new copy.  He’s a great author and good friend of Retreat Realty and Carolina Readiness Supply.