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Creative design using straw slip walls

This Off The Grid Wonder is a prime example of all that one can do to live off the grid and sustainably from the land, yet in comfort.  Living off the grid doesn’t have to mean living in a yurt or teepee, drinking water from  creek.  This homestead is comfortable, extremely energy efficient, solidly built with solar water heating, solar power, wood fired stove and propane stove.  Check out the full details and photos here.  The house sits on 24 acres which themselves back up to national forest and have been improved with an exceptionally productive garden area featuring fruit trees, 30+ blueberry bushes, etc.  A sizable stream flows through and feeds a small decorative pond.  Located south of Burnsville (NW of Asheville) at the foot of Mt. Mitchell, its in a wonderful community of like minded neighbors.  So if you’re looking for an excellent, move in ready bugout property, survival property or homestead, look no further.