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Was contacted by WLS-AM out of Chicago for a return interview on the John Howell talk show.  It will be broadcast live on Thursday the 19th at 5 PM EST. You can listen online by going to the links.  They want to get an update from me regarding trends in prepping real estate now that the coronavirus is in full swing.  I’ve been busier than ever with written contracts far ahead of last year, and as you’ve read in a recent post, last year was a record year.  Now I’m praying earnestly that all these transactions close as planned.  Other agents with whom I’ve spoken that are in the more traditional single family home market tell me they’ve been writing contracts left and right.  Apparently, the drop in interest rates along with pulling out of the stock market and into real estate have created a mini-boom.  Remains to be seen as to how long it will last.  My guess, not very long.

But for prepper real estate or bugout properties, this could generate a tremendous amount of interest.  It may be delayed as anyone not presently in the pipeline to purchase today may have to wait until they are comfortable traveling again.  But rest assured, there will be another virus in the future or some other major “black swan” event that has national or worldwide impact, and this could be a wake up call to plan ahead now by purchasing a survival property or bugout property.