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SeedsDoes your homestead or bugout spot have a seed vault?  No, I’m not talking about a steel safe with stacks and stacks of seeds on shelves.  A seed vault simply means having heirloom, non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds you can pull out and use to grow you garden.  How are they different than what you purchase at Home Depot in their gardening department?

Non-hybrid seeds mean that you can harvest seeds from the plants you grow so that you can continually plant season after season.  The seeds you get in the small packets at the building supply or even at the local garden shop, are likely hybridized and once you plant them, the seeds from those plants will not germinate and grow another crop.  Don’t ask me about the specifics, but that’s how it generally tends to be.  Part of it may be to require you to purchase new seeds every season.  Not too much different than Apple or Microsoft designing functional obsolescence into their products so that you have to purchase a new one every now and again.

These heirloom seeds can be stored for several years in their shipping packages in a freezer or refrigerator.  Then if you need, pull them out and start planting.  Sounds simple, but of course anyone who has tried growing vegetables knows it requires a lot of care.  Still, even if you have tons of pre-packaged long term food items, those will eventually run out during a long term grid down situation.  So pick up some non-hybrid seeds for your prepping or homesteading supplies.  Here’s a link to just one purveyor of these seeds.  They also make great items for bartering.

Another cool thing is that of sprouts.  This is the absolute easiest way to get your greens.  Sprouting seeds come in a wide variety and all you need is a simple sprouter to grow them indoors.  I have several and have used them.  They’re as simple as pouring a tablespoon of seeds into the plastic container, soak overnight, drain, soak, drain, rinse, etc., and in a matter of a few days, you’ll have a mess of healthy, organic greens to much on.  I have the Easy Sprout Sprouter from who else but The Sprout People.  Check them out.  Every homestead should have several of these.  Sprouts are extremely high in vitamins and also provide a good source of fiber.