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New YorkerWhat do Silicon Valley and prepping have in common?  Turns out, there is a growing interest in prepping out there and elsewhere in the high tech sector.  An article in the current issue of “The New Yorker” magazine (read it here) interviews several founders and presidents of Silicon Valley companies such as Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and their steps toward prepping for a “grid down” situation.  (Reddit is presently valued at over $600 million.)  In late 2015, Jonathan Johnson, President of spoke before the American Precious Metals Association and disclosed that his company has over $10 million in small gold coins to be used for payroll and other expenses when the banking system fails, which he feels is coming soon.  In addition to the gold deposits, he stated that has three months of food supply for its employees.  (watch his speech here)

Most often when I tell folks what I do for a living, they either think I (and preppers in general) are nuts or they quietly tell me that they themselves are either closet preppers or have been looking into being prepared.  The fact that such high profile, well heeled and well educated individuals such as Huffman and Johnson are openly sharing their moves toward prepping is bringing the entire subject into the mainstream.  I see that as a good thing in general.  The more folks who are prepared to provide for their families without relying on FEMA or quasi-government agencies, the better.  Furthermore, if my neighbors are equally prepared, then that means if the grid goes down they won’t be beating a path to my door for a handout.

Prepping is no longer the realm of conspiracy theorists or crazies living up in the woods in a bunker.  Most of the clients of Retreat Realty are well educated, financially conservative and generally conservative on ideology.  However, I’m seeing that trend change somewhat.  Now that a new administration is in Washington, more folks on the left side of the aisle are taking prepping more seriously.  Regardless of one’s ideology, Retreat Realty exists to help you become more self-sustainable and secure in the event a major natural disaster, civil unrest or major terrorist attack should impact us.  You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley tech giant to get started.  Call today to discuss your needs for a mountain retreat and I encourage you to sign up by clicking here for our regular e-newsletter that covers all topics related to off the grid living and prepping