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The other night, I watched my first episode of the Weather Channel’s new show, “SOS How to Survive“. Unlike so many of the staged prepper shows such as Doomsday Preppers and such, this one offers more practical situations and solutions when facing an emergency. This particular episode focused on tips one could use when facing a hurricane. How appropriate seeing how all that has been in the news of late is about hurricanes.

The show interjects real life stories of survivors who faced the situations, while the host goes through a series of steps and preparedness items those individuals could have used or did use to make it through. Everything in the solutions was practical and very useful. As much prepping as I have done, even I learned a couple of things, while at the same time, having the satisfaction of knowing I am better prepared than most.

So I encourage you to tune in to the new show. Its entertaining and educational at the same time. We can all stand to keep learning.