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We recently enjoyed watching the movie/documentary titled The Biggest Little Farm.  I highly recommend it.

About half of our clients are seeking land for safety and security (i.e. “prepping”), while the other half are simply looking for land on which to live more sustainably or off-the-grid.  Interestingly, both groups have the same general need when it comes to land: good water, room for a garden or orchard, pasture, woodland, southern exposure, no restrictions, and well removed from a major population center.  In this documentary, the idealistic couple, John and Molly with no farming experience transform a dried out, lifeless apricot farm into a completely self-sustainable working farm with all manner of livestock and more than 40 varieties of fruit trees and berries.  Its fun watching them going through the trials and joys of seeing it all come alive.

Here in western North Carolina, there are opportunities to do this sort of thing if you have the desire.  It may be a small mini-farm just for your family or it could be a community type thing with multiple families joining in or even adding an educational element to it and opening up the farm to the public.  Regardless the size of your dream or vision, Retreat Realty stands ready to help you locate and assess properties for this purpose.  Call us today so that we can help you get started on your journey.  Why wait?  Watch the movie.  Get inspired and just do it!