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BrexitWell, the Brits did it.  By a narrow margin of less than two percent, the citizens of Britain voted to leave the EU and chart their own course.  About the only guarantee is that there will be a lot of hand wringing and short term ups and downs in the financial markets as investors watch what happens next.  In reality, it won’t happen overnight and the impact is likely to be less shocking than opponents have proposed.

The real point here is that they voted to retake their sovereignty from a bloated central government in which they had very little representation.  Sounds kind of like our federal government.  We have a bloated government that pays little attention to the man on the street while operating inside the Washington beltway detached from the realities of those who pay for its operation.  What does this have to do with survival properties?

Our national debt, state debt, municipal debt, corporate debt and personal debt are higher than ever before and continue piling up at breathtaking speed.  The result is a bloated government that disclosed recently that the Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted by 2034.  Read the Social Security Administration’s Public Statement here.  That’s just 18 years away, and in all likelihood, its likely to be sooner than that.  Most people don’t know there are two major trust funds, the Social Security Disability Insurance Fund and the Old Age and Survivors Insurance Fund.  Of these two, the SSA states in its report that the DI fund is expected to be depleted in 2023.  That’s just seven years from now, with the OASI fund to follow.  As the reality of this sets in in coming years, and as debt continues piling up, there will come a breaking point.  Either government will have to

  1.  Spend less (which it won’t do because that would mean cutting government handouts to tens of millions of  Americans who would riot.  Today nearly 50% of Americans receive some form of government assistance or subsidies),
  2.  Raise taxes (which it doesn’t want to do, but will do by calling it something other than a tax such as a “fee” or “surcharge”, but even Congress can only raise taxes so much before the people revolt),
  3.  Borrow more (which it won’t be able to do because our creditors will finally stop lending and buying our bonds) or
  4.  Seize it from your personal accounts as other governments have already done in Cyprus, Poland, Austria, etc.. about which I wrote a few days ago.

When these things start happening, chaos will ensue and it will be too late to find that bug out property in the mountains.  So you need to be putting a plan in place now.  Either you’ll be prepared to stay where you are and ride it out, or you’ll have a North Carolina mountain survival property to go to.  Retreat Realty is here to assist in the latter.  We are constantly scouring the Blue Ridge Mountains for great hideaways such as the upcoming “Shangri-La” property we’re about to list.  So check back and call us and let us help you with your bug out plan.  Now is the time.