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The Perfect Property?   It doesn’t exist.

One thing about real estate, even in “cookie cutter” subdivisions, every property is unique in some manner.  In tract built housing, the differences are minimal, but when it comes to rural land, farms, homesteads, off-grid, etc., the differences are quite varied.  That’s part of what makes this career path so much fun.  I am continually seeing unique properties that surprise me.

Most folks who come to me have a wish list of items, but its important to understand that finding a property that perfectly checks off every box is like finding the proverbial unicorn.  What causes me angst is when I show what I consider an ideal property to a client only to have that client turn it down for some reason.  As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but…….”.  Researching, preparing and showing properties of this nature takes considerable energy and time on my part, therefore, when I find what I believe to be the perfect fit, but have it declined (or the client delays in putting in an offer only to have someone else snatch it up before them) is heart wrenching.

So what I’m saying is that we all must have a realistic expectation.  You’re not likely to find the perfect property, but if it checks off 8 out of 10 boxes, then I’m going to encourage action.  Its important and courteous to me that I be made fully aware of the priorities, timing and financial capability to make a purchase.  It does none of us any good to be looking at properties today if the buyer won’t be in a position to act for a few more months, or if the buyer isn’t financially qualified today.

Regardless of the timing and budget, I’m glad to help and every property that doesn’t end up as “the one”, its a step closer to the one that is.