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Aerial viewFor those of you who live in urban environments, the thought of packing up in an emergency and living on a 30 acre cabin or farm in the mountains may seem daunting.  For some of you, that sounds almost as bad as staying put in Charlotte or Atlanta.  So is there a balance or way to have a retreat property, yet not be so isolated?  Yes, there is.

Among the survival community, there is a continuously running debate: should you “bug out” or “bug in”?  That is, if you live in a high density area and things go haywire, should you escape to a mountain retreat or should you stockpile ahead of time and stay put?  There are pros and cons to both, but there is something to be said about having neighbors, even at your retreat location in the mountains.

Perhaps the biggest negative to buying a remote, large acreage property is the isolation that comes with it.  While it may be off the beaten path and have farmland and such, it can be hard to protect/defend.  Therefore, it can be good to have neighbors nearby whom you know and trust so that if an emergency were to arise, you’d have some help.

I live in a small mountain town of less than 5,000.  I don’t own a farm in the hills.  We know our neighbors and those who are prepared and who aren’t.  With that in mind, we’re comfortable staying right where we are.  We have like minded neighbors who can pull security duty, keep an eye out for strangers, call upon for help with building projects or emergency assistance.  While things could get bad where we are, we’re likely to “bug in” here in our small town setting first, then get out of dodge later if things turned really bad.

So, although you’ll see a lot of properties here on our website featuring out of town locations and large acreage, we also have a number of closer in mountain properties that have all the features you’d want in a retreat property, yet with a balance of seclusion and neighbors nearby.  You don’t have to become “Grizzly Adams” living off the land.  We can help you find a very comfortable retreat property that provides a good balance for your needs and level of experience.