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Carolina Readiness foodIf you are new to the concept of disaster preparedness or survival properties, don’t be overwhelmed by all that you find online. Its not a world populated solely by ex-military types with long beards living off the grid, although I know some who fit that description, and I treasure their expertise and friendship. Nor is it limited to the folks you see on shows like “Doomsday Preppers”. But most of those that are seriously involved in this arena are well educated, financially conservative, and patriotic.  There are soccer moms who drink Starbucks galore and scratch golfers that are in fantasy football leagues that are prepared. They are normal people. The fact is, you simply can’t tell by looking at them or the car they drive because discretion is important for a variety of reasons. So the first thing is to recognize that you aren’t crazy for considering the purchase of a retreat property. Its becoming more and more mainstream with each new natural disaster and terrorist attack.

The first thing is to get educated on the threats to our way of life and accept their reality. Experts (and there are many high ranking government and military officials in this group) say its not a question of “if”, but “when” something brings our country to its knees. So like the Boy Scouts, you should “Be Prepared”. Once you’ve acknowledged the need, then you should call us so that we can talk you through some options. Read the Retreat Realty Blog and follow the various links. We have years of experience doing this, so rely on that experience to avoid costly mistakes.

What you must not do as a newcomer is, in a state of panic go out and spend thousands of dollars on all the gadgets and gizmos. If you have a huge bank account, perhaps that’s okay. But most of us don’t carry the American Express Black card. Many of those gadgets are great to have and can come in handy. However, some are better than others and depending on your situation, you won’t need everything you see. There are basics every household should have, even at your primary residence. Then there are more extensive items you will need for long term comfort and survival at your retreat property. We have compiled a short and long list of the “must haves”. Just call or email and we’ll be glad to send it to you.

So “Welcome” to the neighborhood. It won’t be long before you find other like-minded folks and end up with lasting friendships that go beyond the casual ones at the health club.