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For those of you who don’t have an acre or more for a garden, the Garden Patch Grow Box is a must.  I purchased some of these last year and was amazed at the results.  It takes up very little space, is easy to maintain and produces an incredible amount of vegetables for such a small space.

Its a two piece plastic container just a couple of feet wide with two chambers, one which is a water reservoir in the bottom and an upper one for the soil.  You literally just put the soil into the upper container, put in the seeds with the proper spacing, lay the provided fiber mat and fertilizer bag on top, then fill the bottom with water.  That’s literally it.  The fiber mat helps prevent weeds and its printed with locations for spacing of seeds based on the vegetable to be planted.  No additional fertilizer is needed, just water periodically.  That’s one of the simplicities of it.

You don’t water from the top, but rather just fill from a side opening in the bottom portion.  A specifically design portion of the upper box draws up just the right amount of water from the reservoir as needed, therefore, you can often go a week or more without watering. Then watch it grow.  I don’t know of a better way to make a small patio or yard space as productive.

We ended up with tons of tomatoes, huge cucumbers and zucchinis, all kinds of peppers, kale, and varieties of lettuces.  Just be sure that if you plant watermelons, pumpkins or zucchinis, the plants will cascade out of the box and cover the patio.  They are prolific, but how cool is it to have a full garden at your doorstep that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.  So whether you’re a seasoned homesteader or urban prepper, the Grow Box is an ideal tool for your sustainable lifestyle.