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Lighthouse lanternAs I write this, it is in the dark hours of early morning with very strong winds beating against the house.  It got me thinking about lighting and what we have available in the house if the power goes out.  We have candles (lots of them), and various flashlights including hand cranked and solar charged.  One of our “go-to” light sources is the Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern.  You may have read my first product review of the Goal Zero solar generator, well, this is a companion to that.

The Lighthouse Lantern has the ability to be hand cranked or charged via a USB connection to any power source including a solar panel or Goal Zero solar generator.  It provides up to 250 lumens of light and is dimmable and directional to conserve power.  One nice feature is the ability to charge other small electronics such as a cell phone or laptop via the hand crank.

Lighthouse computerYou can hang it on a hook or set it up on its pop up legs.  It even has strong magnets affixed to it which allow you to snap it onto a metal surface.  At just 1.1 pounds, its light enough for anyone to manage and is ideal for car camping or having around the house.  So be prepared for when the lights go out with the Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern.