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CartIts very important to have a water filter for your home and of course a source of water to filter in the first place.  However, what if that water source isn’t in your backyard?  What if its a half mile away?  How are you going to transport all that water back to the house?

A gallon of water weight 8.35 pounds.  That’s heavy!  If your family of four needs at least four gallons per day for each, that’s 133.6 pounds of water, per day!  Sure, you can go down to the creek or pond and fill up one gallon jugs, but you need to carry more than that in one trip.  One thing to keep in mind in a “off grid” situation is that of working efficiently and saving calories.  You don’t want to waste precious calories on multiple trips when one will do.  What I’ve found is a farm or barn cart is ideal.

You can pick up one of these at Tractor Supply Company or Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.  They range in price from around $70 to $150 and range in weight load capability from 300 pounds to 1,500 pounds.  Most come with pneumatic (air filled) tires which will do fine if you plan on crossing roads and sidewalks.  However, if you expect to use this on the farm or in the woods where there might be sharp objects lying around, then replace the tires with solid rubber tires.  After all, if you have a flat, your handy cart won’t do you much good.  Most of them come with sides that drop down, thus allowing you to carry bulky items that will hand over the sides.