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Price:  $49,900 to $209,900

Location:  McDowell County (Asheville Area)

Detailed Property Information

1 acre up to 3 acres
Road Frontage
Paved roads privately maintained
Mountainsides and flat
Surface Water
Several large year round streams in community
Electricity, Telephone
All underground utilities including high speed fiber optic based internet
Well Water
Some lots have wells, others need them
Sewer System
Septic systems required
Open Field/Pasture
Nearest Interstate Highway
8+ miles
Nearest Four Lane Road
8+ miles
Nearest High Density Area
8+ miles (Black Mountain)

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The Planned Community Lots grouping is unique.  All of the other listings on Retreat Realty have a minimum of five acres or more, however, in this case, we are featuring a grouping of our exclusive listings for consideration as retreat properties because they are part of a development that corporately has many of the features one would need in a survival or prepper property.

We presently have five individually owned lots for sale ranging from approximately one acre to three acres within a gated community on a mountaintop.  It is located within a 40 minute drive of Asheville and because they are on a mountaintop in a remote area, behind a gate, they make for an alternate choice when compared to much larger tracts of land.  That is, you can get the benefit of a large parcel, yet without having to own all of it.

In addition to a gated entrance, this development has plenty of timber and lots of year round water.  While the residents of thsi community are a very social bunch, having yoga classes every week at the clubhouse, beer and wine tastings, and outings, they also are forward thinking with an eye toward disaster preparedness.  They have formed a Mutual Aid Group (M.A.G.) that means that although none of the individual lots are in and of themselves true prepper properties, collectively they along with the neighbors makes them into “mini” survival properties.  This M.A.G has implemented a disaster response plan, first aid training, a communication plan, and even hosted NY Times Bestselling author, Dr. William Forstchen (“One Second After”) for a question and answer session at their mountaintop clubhouse.

It should be noted that that the existing homes in the development are high end and subject to architectural covenants and restrictions on use.  If you’re looking for an upscale development in which to build a mountain retreat and want to be part of a Mutual Aid Group, you should consider one of these properties.